Saturday, March 22, 2008

I am High on Obama

I saw Barack Obama in Eugene last night. He was amazing.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Semen Rolls

Use (bath) salts in the event of nakedness.
I used to be sad sad sad.
But my fat rolls are skin rolls really.
Can you not understand my words?
I said sea minerals.

The man said he wasn’t stylish.
Just historical.
He was wearing his father’s ring and silver belt buckle.
I wasn’t listening.
I was pretending my stryrofoam cup was filled with something besides air.
I was pretending that my name was Tallulah, and I had never left South Carolina.

The plastic bear is half full of orange blossom honey.
Do you think I’m an optimist because I said half full?
I’d like to introduce myself based on things you can’t know.
Perhaps I’ll take root behind your smile.

My father tells me I frown in my sleep.
The young kids took pictures of me with my eyes slightly open.
I will mark this book with a hair stroke.
God damn the sodden wrinkles.
The wrinkling layers of snowdrifts.

I believe in ghosts.
Remember Guy Tudor’s cat?
And the blue woman?
And the face of Pat’s mother?
What about Raisla and Gitla? Esther and Zelig?

Thursday, March 6, 2008


On the ground outside of Susanne Homes

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am thinking about heart murmurs. I am thinking about my heart murmur. And my father’s. And my grandfather’s. I am thinking about Josephine baker. I am thinking about patterns in the birdseed. I am thinking about antique cap guns. I am thinking about what it means to be jilted. I am wondering if it’s worth going back. I am wondering if I’m pretty enough. I am thinking about Ohio and Texas. I am thinking about the things in my eyes. I am thinking about a man named Zelig. I am thinking about my mother’s wedding ring. I am thinking about fine French dining. I am thinking about the day Elena and I went swimming at Spinaker Point and we swam very far from shore and Molly had to rescue us and the seaweed felt like eels tangling around our legs. I am thinking I am wasting time. I am contemplating fleeing the country. I am wanting an easy answer. I am learning to trust my spine.