Friday, April 4, 2008

NaPoWriMo - Day 3

How Sarah Was Before and After

Move these feet in something like closeness.
Sarah could do this. Before she was Suzanne she was Sarah, and she remembered the softness of her grandmother’s arm.

When she was still Sarah, she let the bits of eye dust rise in the air and touch her nose before falling. Now it is this paint chip on the wall that reminds her of her brother

before that time.

I was taught this closeness of feet when we danced the horah with laced fingers.
Perhaps Zelig did this with the tall women he liked so much, while Sarah watched the lights of Paris from a taxi.

In Virginia, my silver necklace broke and we never found the coral ball.

In Virginia, a boy named Desmond liked to touch my hair.

In Virginia, bamboo grew next to the school.

Sarah and Max came to Virginia with names long gone. They brought me a red corduroy dress with black polka dots. I wore it through the summer heat.


shannon said...

I really like this, but I find it crazy...not the poem but the use of suzanne & sarah. Cause I've been thinking of those names too, especially w/ Jess's Suzanne. Anyway :)

jess rowan said...

don't forget to take a NaPo break from studying, sweetie. we're pick-picking away here. it's horrible.

this, by the way, is lovely. i think you're developing a great series, with the use of names and the repetition of some.

Alex said...

yeah... you should probably just give up. drop out of college. start a turtle farm in the upper apalachins. rename yourself dirthia kindling. reproach children for throwing anything of any kind. find time to combine stacks of pancakes. shoot a baby out of a potato gun.

in summation: be the dream.

SamProof said...

We've selected this as one of 5 poems to be featured from Napowrimo Day three over at